Sweet Cherry Pie.

The other day I was discussing one (and possibly the only) downside to my job. The upside, however, is the ability to work from home when it suits me. Besides the obvious side-effect of this permitting me to lounge on couch cushions and edit etc. from said couch cushions if the desire strikes, I’m also able to indulge a passion of mine: baking.

Pie to be.

Because I work best when I’m up and moving around every now and then, rather than trudging through mountains of paperwork all at once, baking provides an excellent during work- or schoolwork- project.

In the ove.

So on Tuesday, while I hashed out edits on a lengthy essay, I also whipped out my mixing bowl and spatula, and a hefty dose of butter, and set out to create in the kitchen.

Sweet cherry pie

Resultantly, I gained not only the satisfaction of a full day of work but a delicious smelling pie and double productivity.

As tasty as they look

And some rhubarb raspberry tarlettes to boot, to bring with my lunch on Wednesday.

Multitasking at its finest.

Yes, I love my job.

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