When in doubt…

Do something crazy in the kitchen.

Like making bagels.

The Sponge.

Kneading is my form of "armwork"

On the assembly line

Bubbling away in Le Creuset

500 degrees later...

Trust me, its worth 8 hours.

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5 Responses to When in doubt…

  1. I love homemade bagels! It’s the only way to get decent ones where I live, so I make them quite regularly. These look so tasty, and perfectly golden. Well done!

  2. Keely says:

    Oh man, bagels are so tricky!!! My sister makes them, but I am intimidated. Hers are delicious but not as puffy as yours…do you have any tips/tricks for making them rise??

    • Andrea says:

      I think the main thing is to not rush them- they like their time to chill out before each step, haha. I also put the pan on which they are rising next to the refrigerator, which may seem counter-intuitive since yeast likes a warm climate to rise, but the fridge actually emits warmth and is one of the warmer place in my kitchen!

  3. Keely says:

    Thanks!!! Clever

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