Taking the Time

There was a time when I would have berated myself for eschewing studying anytime, ever. That time is clearly not now, and I’m very happy with that. I study, don’t get me wrong. I do papers days ahead of time, making me (probably) a huge nerd. But the thing is… I always did things ahead of time. The difference is that I used to fret and fret even though I had planned ahead and budgeted my time so that in reality I never needed to cram at the last minute or pull an all nighter. I created the time and space to relax and enjoy the beauty that is being a student (because really, it’s a sweet life.) but I never, ever, took the time. Taking the time, it turns out, is the difference between thinking about living life and actually living life. Who knew.

So I take the time.

To bake bread…

Holla, Challah.

To bask in the sunshine of the morning…

Morning noms with a side of sunshine

To play with sweet puppies big…


And small…

Teddy bear dog

To paint my nails…

Bordering on obsession.

And to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors…

Even though there's snow, still beautiful.

Time. Time to let my freak flag fly, to be myself. Time to be happy.

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