Life is like baking bread…

Yes, life can be like baking bread.

Sometimes, the smallest little things can grow on their own, if you give them a little time.


Sometimes, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere…

Whisk-ey 😉

You might need to give things a little extra time to relax before diving in…


And other times you can just attack a situation with all of your might

So knead-y!

Even if it’s a bit intimidating, its important to remember that just because something takes time…


Doesn’t mean it won’t work out in the end.

Doubled and raring to go

And even if you might be a skeptic (like I once was)….


Rest assured that once you can take the heat, so don’t get out of the kitchen.

Fresh baked

So despite the challenges, and even though it may be daunting at times, trying new things is the true spice of life.


Pesto rolls anyone?


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