This is What My Balance Looks Like.

Inspired by the gorgeous Snackface, I’ve decided to write a post about my balance. Like this lovely blogger, I believe that what one person defines as balance is not necessarily what would work for anyone else. Balance is a personal feeling of being peaceful and at ease with one’s life. Balance is unique, and does it ever feel good. After a long period of my life where I was in total flux and dischord, finding balance entailed developing a healthy relationship with my body, my food, my friends and family and my successes and failures, among many other things.

My balance is beginning a day with a hearty breakfast, because what they say is true; it’s the most important meal of the day!

My balance is savouring a french press coffee from my cute little Bodum- my balance involves becoming obsessed with beautifully designed accoutrements, you see.

Coffee- black.

My balance includes doing what I want with my morning- sometimes this is productive, and sometimes a cat sits on my homework and makes it implausible to work.

Sometimes, my balance leads me to what could more conventionally be called “wasting time”. Probably by spending too much time cruising blogs on the internet, but more often by having a dance break to Broadway songs in my bedroom.

Ok, so this was at a party, but you get the idea.

My balance looks like an intense yoga session, and many not-so-intense ones. It finds me playing with my little cousins or my puppy in the back yard, but not slaving away being forcefully active. Activity is built into my day as a university student, a lover of long walks in the woods and an explorer of neighbourhoods in my favorite way- wandering aimlessly. (I also have no sense of direction, but this has little to do with balance…)

I miss the summer.

A balanced life, to me, means listening to my body and following all of my cravings- from doing crosswords to going out to parties, from eating huge salads to munching on freshly baked banana bread.

I bake what I crave. Also, the bananas were over-ripe.

To live a balanced life, I have to spend time with my friends and family, but I also have to spend time with myself. Being ok with being alone is a strength I’m learning to embrace. There’s a time and a place for being social, and a time for being on my own.

I got your back.

Balance is funny- it’s something we all strive for, but sometimes it’s found when you least expect it. It’s like when you go shopping for jeans and only find shirts- if you’re looking too hard, you might miss the point. This is a lesson I learned the hard way. Finally, it seems, I’m learning to relax into my balance. Do I always live a perfectly balanced life? Of course not. And I’m absolutely ok with that.

It's all about relaxing into your balance.

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