Old and New

Lowered expectations make for a great time- I find this truth to be nearly incontrovertible. And with that, the best New Year’s Eve in a long time, to top off a year of growing and changing and finding out who I really am.

This past year I learned that my body really is, to buy into the clichés, a temple. This past year I fought, clinging with my fingertips, for recovery. Every day I committed to self-acceptance, vowing that I would embrace the sentiment. I learned to roll with the river of life, I acknowledged that to try was to succeed. I redefined success beyond the narrow notion I had long sought- I redefined my world. In so doing, I released myself and, in many ways, became free. I did not have a perfect year- I had a real one.

Happy New Year to you and yours. May it be full of all the joy and wonder of a child, all the wisdom of a seasoned traveller, and all the learning of a student.

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