Untraditional Resolutions

A new year is synonymous to many with the drive to resolve. As creatures constantly seeking self-improvement and comparing ourselves to those around us, the temptation to make lofty goals is seductive.

Unfortunately (in my opinion), most traditional resolutions involve vowing to tone up, slim down, shape up, be fitter, be something other than who one is. The subtext floating around the collective headspace around this time of year is “be better”.

What if, instead, I vowed to be true to me?

What if, on the contrary, I resolved to keep doing exactly what I’m doing?

What if, in spite of the pressure, I perservered and did what is right for me?

Well, I suspect that doing these things might just make me….

Jump for joy

Is a New Year any less happy without a traditional resolution? I think not. Resolutions can happen throughout the year- a resolution to relax, a resolution to take down the pressure a notch. A resolution revolving around being the best that I can be, disregarding what society tells me I should be. But then, I made that one over a year ago. And lo and behold, a resolution made on a random day in November had me celebrating a full year of solid recovery on November 30th, and enjoying the holidays full to the brim with good cheer.

Maybe untraditional resolutions should be a new tradition?


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2 Responses to Untraditional Resolutions

  1. Jennifer Cantlon says:

    I believe! In You!

  2. Jennifer Cantlon says:

    Okay so this is a comment for the Believe post – which will now make more sense.
    Regarding this post – I love it!
    I have never been a fan of resolutions on a prescribed date.

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