The Weekender

I feel like a bit of a weekend warrior these days- it’s a busy life I suddenly find myself living, and on the weekend it’s all about trying my best to sleep in, take it easy, and recouperate. Of course, true relaxation never comes as a given for me, and I’m as likely to find myself curled up with my social psychology textbook as I am to continue my re-reading of all the Harry Potter books in order. Dorkiness of that last statement aside, I am really trying to be true to myself and let myself be. It would seem that this includes sleeping until 8:30 on the weekends, which for me is quite a snooze. This also includes baring my dorkyness for all to see. I am unapologetically nerdy in some ways, which is also a step- the more embarrassed I am about my nerd-nosity, the more insecure I feel. So, my solution is to own it.

But I digress- my post is about the joy of a weekend. How nice is a weekend after a week full of midterms and course work and deadlines? After work nights and readings and group work? A weekend is something that I appreciate so much more when I’m busy- because when I’m not busy, it’s just another day of the week. But in this balanced yet busy life I’m leading these days, the weekend is a not-so-hidden blessing. And even if your little cousins drop by before you’ve had a shower due to the aforementioned sleeping-in, you’re ok with it. Because, after all, it’s the weekend!

On the weekend, I take in the sights and smells of the local farmer’s market.

On the weekend, I take care of my mind and body connection by breathing through some delicious-feeling yoga poses. (Though I’ve also been doing this during the week when I’m feeling overwhelmed, thankfully)

On the weekend, I bake delicious delicacies and recommit myself to staying centered and balanced through listening to my body.

On the weekend, I spend at least some of my time reading for pleasure, not for school.

On the weekend, this is sometimes done over a delicious homemade lentil curry.

And often involves Harry Potter.

So I may be a nerd, but I love the weekend as much as the next University reveller. Maybe its for different reasons, but I think we can all take the weekend as our time to breathe- whether it’s rife with assignments and studying or simply relaxation. Enjoy.

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