I feel like I’ve been absent from the blog for a while now, though it has only been a few days. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been absent from the computer in general if I’ve been away from it for a few hours- thus is the nature of today’s hyperconnected society. I don’t leave home without my cellpone (what if I need to call someone?) and I rarely walk around for very long without my ipod (I like a soundtrack to back-up my day!). However, as I don’t own a Blackberry or an Iphone and have no clue how to work either of them, some would say that I’m stuck in 2007 in terms of my technological connectivity.

When I sit in class and see students all around me BBMing or on facebook, I have to wonder: why even both coming to class? Not that there isn’t value in schlepping one’s laptop to class- sometimes it’s just easier to type than to subject one’s hand to the pain and ink-stains of writing out old-school notes on lined paper. But when you bring your procrastination tools to lectures, you really might as well have stayed home. I was discussing the distractedness of some students yesterday with my dad, who happens to be a professor. We shared an equal degree of annoyance at the in-class-connectivity that is so common these days. You see, my dad could really care less if the students are listening to him- but he has received complaints from other students about the distracting images that sometimes pop up on other students’ computers.

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit addicted to one’s computer. As I mentioned at the beginning of this mini-rant, I feel a little off if I’m detached for too long to my little white laptop or my limited-features cellphone. But there is a time and place for technology, and I’d argue that class isn’t it. This post has been a little different than my usual which brings me to my next point.

Being at school again, I’m finding myself feeling a bit disconnected from myself, and needing to really reconfirm my commitment to myself. As part of this, I think it’s important for me to write. I really do find writing therapeutic, no matter what I’m writing about. As the semester progresses, I can see it becoming all too easy to simply throw myself into my studies and ignore other forms of writing like my blog. So, I’m making a simple goal for myself to post at least twice a week. I wish I could set some kind of regular schedule, but I think the best way of letting writing remain a positive exercise is to not make it too regulated. As such, my subjects might vary quite a bit. On the positive side, being back in a more social and interactive community (albeit one where people sometimes spend inordinate amounts of time on Facebook…) is giving me lots to think about and write about. So, like today, my posts will probably focus on the ins and outs of being a university student in 2010. I hope that this suits the few readers I have (I know you’re out there somewhere) because I really think it will serve me best. Have a fantastic Friday!

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