When I was wandering the aisles of the local flea market yesterday, I stumbled upon many items with questionable appeal. Some of them were creepy, some of them cool, some of them completely incomprehensible. Unsure if pictures were allowed, I surreptitiously took some anyway. See what a rebel I’ve become?

Looking at the photos, the eclectic nature of the flea market exposed itself in digital format. The charm of the little antique market just outside my town comes alive through its relatively useless items for sale- I saw nothing I couldn’t live without but enjoyed browsing anyway, just because. I did wonder who would buy some of these things, but I suppose I shouldn’t judge the tastes of others, no matter how questionable. There are a few items I’ve noticed at pretty much every flea market I’ve attended:

Do not want.

Exhibit A: The creepy porcelain doll in old baby carriage

I find old baby carriages impossibly creepy. There’s something about the wicker and satin combination that makes me cringe. The only thing that could possibly make the situation creepier is a grey-faced baby doll. When I was little, I got the idea in my head that my dolls were staring at me in my sleep- in hindsight, this may have been the result of accidentally viewing a “Bride of Chucky” preview. In any case, dolls have been mildly disturbing to me ever since. Maybe attending a flea market could thusly been seen as exposure therapy instead of just a way to use up some free time on a Sunday afternoon. Not that everything I do has to have a purpose or anything…

I wish my coffee grinder were this cool.

Exhibit B: Item that was infinitely cooler before mechanization

Sometimes I love technology. Since the industrial revolution, there have been so many changes for the better, and towards the more efficient use of time and resources. Sometimes, though, when I look at ornate, old-fashioned items like this coffee grinder I think about the ugliness of the electric appliances at home and think that the amount of time it would take to hand-grind coffee might be worth it. Of course, I’m not sure I’d pay over 50 dollars for the old coffee grinder, but still. I think about it.

Rotary phones... classic.

Exhibit C: Throwback item that is neat-looking but impractical

Come to think of it, rotary phones aren’t that different than the coffee grinder. You could take the time to spin that dial around for each number, but if you can just press speed dial and get the same result quicker. We are a society of convenience. Is that a bad thing? Hard to say. Are these phones fun to look at? I think so.

Chandelier time (It's always chandelier time.)

Exhibit D: Item I really should have bought but didn’t feel like hunting down the stall’s clerk to do so

Perhaps the best evidence I have for the “society of convenience” tone that this post is taking is the reason why I didn’t buy this awesome print. I couldn’t find the salesperson, and couldn’t be bothered to look for them. Maybe it’s for the best that I didn’t get that coffee grinder, then, either…

Huge bike handle-bars

From bicycles with massive handle bars, to toy cats in miltary cars, to porcelain dolls in old baby carriages, visiting the flea market is always an interesting event. Though my mom and I didn’t last too long on our excursion to the market on the scorching August afternoon, we did enjoy looking at the throwback dishes and doorframes that lined the alleys of the antique market. A blast from a past I never knew, there’s something to be said about the vintage charm of a flea market.

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2 Responses to Vintage

  1. Seglare says:

    I loved your recap of the flea market. I rarely buy anything, but I enjoy looking through all the old stuff on the antique/flea markets – and every now and then, you may find some rare treasure there, too. If I have the time when traveling, I also like to visit the local flea markets – both to people watch, and to browse through all the peculiar things on display.

    Strangely enough, I also think there’s something creepy about the dull faces of the old porcelain dolls. I assume that’s why I was (am?) more of a teddy bear person (though my friend thinks antique teddy bears with missing ears or shoe button eyes are just as creepy). 🙂

    • banandrea says:

      Thanks! Last time I found a lovely cuff bracelet for my mom, which was most certainly one of those rare treasures (and a steal at $5!). And yes, the people watching is unparalleled!

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