Everybody’s Working….On the Weekend?

I didn’t manage to get a full-time, or even a part-time job this summer. I have, however, found some work doing odd jobs here and there. Yesterday I served at a wedding, which was exhausting but gratifying. The second wedding I’ve worked at this summer, I found myself really busy but overall having a good time bringing people delicious food and chatting with happy guests. There’s something about a wedding that just makes people smile, I find. Sure, some people hate weddings and find the festivities clichéd and boring, but for the most part people seem happy to be celebrating someone’s love. I love weddings, and I don’t even mind being the hired help.

As I socialized with guests and served hors d’oeuvres, I thought about how much my life has changed over the course of the year. Even prior to my disorder, I was a pretty reserved person. I am fairly quiet, and tend not to open up to strangers. That being said, I found it surprisingly easy to interact with people I didn’t know at all while working yesterday. I felt competant and likeable, which was a foreign feeling to me. Normally, social situations make me feel about 2 feet tall and very out of place. Yesterday, however, I felt none of the usual inner cringing that I feel in social situations. I fell into a leadership role with ease, acting as if I knew exactly what I was doing despite being somewhat lacking in serving experience.

It was an exhausting day, carrying food and dishes up and down a hill all afternoon. By the time I got home, rain-soaked and aching-arched at 10pm, I was ready to fall into a deep, sound sleep after a satisfying snack. I had blisters and crazy hair, and I told my mom to tell me I was crazy if I ever mentioned serving again. In the light of the morning, though, I see yesterday as a huge conquest. Finding myself in new situations is all a part of my new, happily more balanced lifestyle, and I’m embracing it- haircuts, odd-jobs and all. I’m looking forward to seeing what else I tackle that I never would have dreamed of in earlier years.

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