Why Not?

I took a few days sans-blogging after writing my last post- it was a bit of a doozy, so I feel like a bit more of a light-hearted one in the spirit of late-summer celebration. And also boredom induced by a very rainy and humid day.

Today, I’m asking myself why not…

Why not spy on a bunny in your front yard for longer than is probably socially acceptable?

Why not day-dream about one day living on the Upper East Side?

Why not think fondly about the summer days of your childhood, frolicking around the neighbourhood without a care in the world?

Why not do a little yoga with the puppy? She’s a natural at downward and upward dog, after all.

Why not spend a while searching for new things/people to “follow” on twitter, giving in to the technology trends as you undoubtedly always do…

Why not do something random, just because it’s fun? Why not dance around your living room? Why not unearth some old pictures, or read through old notes from high school? Why not laugh about things that used to be so important but now seem trivial? Why not create a blog post entirely made up of questions?

Why worry about a day without plans, or a post without a plot- why not just let yourself be?

I think I will.

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