A day in the life of a perfectionist in recovery

Sometimes I take a moment and reflect upon the differences between my old life and my new life. I could dwell, during such reflections, upon how much more fun I could have had away at school in the vibrant big city in which I lived. Instead, I’ll choose to focus on the joy that can be experienced even in the small town in which I grew up and to which I have returned. It’s almost embarassing to my old, perfectionistic and hopelessly driven (toward what I’m not sure) self how little really goes on in terms of subjective productivity in the summertime for an unemployed 21 year old gal, but there you go. As I’ve said many times, this somewhat unscheduled season is extremely important for me, so it is how it is- and accepting that this is just fine is all part of the journey. So onward, to a day in the life of a perfectionist in recovery. The beauty of this “day in the life” is that everything is subject to change!

8:15- My mom and dog wake me up, and in my sleepiness I still manage to avoid unwanted face-kisses from the cutest dog on the planet (in my humble opinion)

9:00- Cook up and enjoy some scrumptious breakfast. Unlike my previous summers, breakfast is a fabulous affair, with whatever-the-heck-I’m-in-the-mood-for on the menu. It’s a beautiful thing, the freedom of choice.

9:45- Take said puppy out for a lovely neighbourhood stroll. Take in the sights and sounds of a suburban morning, including bright blue sky, funny little houses, and the park I played in as a child (ok, I still play at the park.)

10:15- Put on the kettle and settle in to some writing or reading, as the day sees fit. Sometimes now is the time when writer’s block overcomes me and I simply must crack open someone else’s writing for inspiration. Inspiration, I’ve learned, rarely comes when it’s called. Much like my puppy.

10:30- Realize I’m out of coffee, and decide to make an outing of it. The following picture represents many of my mornings throughout the past months.

Coffee and gear shift with a side of sandals.

11:30- Fully caffeinated and well-conversed with other coffee-shop regulars, speed (I mean- drive at the marked speed-limit) toward my little white house for a mid-day meal.

12:30- Lunch with a side of “The Office”. I’m a shameless Office addict after resisting it’s charms for years. Too often, I’ve noticed, I try to avoid the obvious, highly popular trends in favour of more independent pursuits or quirky pastimes. However, in the end I almost always try out the trends. I should just stop resisting the mainstream… which is why I’m also reading “Twilight”…

1:30- Hopefully a friend wants to get together and wax poetic about the virtues of Edward Cullen. Just kidding. Kind of.

4:00- Personal dance party. Sometimes. But often just some housework or applying for jobs, or volunteer positions… or all of the above at once. Multitasking, but not in the familiar way of trying to do everything productive that I can possibly do at once. Balance, it’s all about balance. This time is also snack-tastic.

5:00- Mom gets home from work. Share with my favorite person the ins-and-outs of a day in the life… or just ask how her day was. Usually both.

6:30- Sit down and enjoy dinner al-fresco with my favorite person, once again. The evening is so un-lonely (I’ve also just invented a word! Yes.)

7:30- Frequently a Scrabble match finds it’s way in here somewhere… not sure how, but I find it difficult to ignore the siren-call of a good game of Scrabble. I probably play some fantastic words and win. Or, more often, my mom beats me by a mile… but we’ve been there in previous posts…

8:30- More friendship time (look! friends! fun.) or relaxation time, depending on the night. Who knows what each day will bring?

Sometime between 11-12: Sweet dreams.

So there you have it. I’ve created a timeline of imperfection, and I’m perfectly at peace with that.

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