Just dropped by to say…

I’m suffering from a rather large case of writer’s block. Given, when I out myself and say that, I’ll probably have an enormous brainwave this afternoon and post five posts at once. OK, maybe not. I think I actually have too much on my mind to have the clarity to determine a post of moderate interest. Honestly, sometimes when I get writer’s block I fear that it is the be-all-and-end-all of writer’s block- that inspiration will never strike again. That I’ve said all there is to say. Although that is unlikely, I think it perpetuates a little fear in me that I’m just generally uninteresting. Though I don’t usually buy into the self-deprication-in-public-forum, I sometimes wonder if anyone reading my blog returns to see what I’ll post next. I suppose to some degree I believe that they do, or I wouldn’t be bothering to write this post at all.

From my frequent blog-reading, I always most appreciate posts that make me think. I also enjoy a good “question to the reader” that I find myself answering, leaving a comment to say hello. Whatever it is, the blogs that I read draw me back in time and time again, and I find myself able to relate to joys, struggles, and even mediocre days. I so appreciate being a part (even in some capacity) of the blogging community, and yet I let my old insecurities slip in and tell me that I have nothing to say. I’m in the midst of a time of big (good) change, and I think that change for me breeds a jumble of thoughts and emotions. It brings up old thoughts I’ve long since conquered and gets me a bit unsettled. I think that change is good (I can’t believe I just said those words), but it’s definitely still hard for me to embrace change wholeheartedly and without a few battle wounds. So while this change is an amazing, most excellent and exciting one, it leaves me with perhaps not so much writer’s block as writer’s trepidation. So here I am, outing the insecurity as usual and writing more words that I had intended. But isn’t that the way it always works?

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