Life is like a cupcake.

Ok, so maybe life isn’t exactly like a cupcake. But I’ve been wanting to create some sort of similie between existence and quite possibly the cutest food item on the planet. Now that I have done so, I might as well explain the thought process that would lead me to make such a preposterous statement as “life is like a cupcake”. I promise you it has very little to do with merely wanting to showcase my recent cupcaking prowess via pictures. Very little at all!

Not so long ago, I would not have compared life to anything fun. Really. Life was a hard slog, a constant challenge. As I clung to a pretend zest for life, I cried when I was alone about the sheer lack of joy I felt when I thought about my life’s path. I feared pretty much everything as my world drew in around me. Life, at that point, was really more like a char-grilled piece of liver. It lack sprinkles, icing, and most of all, taste. Sure, you can subsist off of it, but is it really any fun at all?

I’m getting tied up in my somewhat goofy metaphors. Long story short, I, cornily enough, can now enjoy both cupcakes and life. Even if the sprinkles taste more like red food colouring than I’d have hoped, I can take a bite out of the cupcake of life. I don’t take it for granted, my cupcake-life. I’m trying my hardest to really savour every moment, but not to the point where I take an awkwardly long time picking off each individual sparkle. There is, as always, a fine balance to be had. You know, a cupcake here, a carrot there.

Months ago, when life was burning on the grill, there was still a part of me, deep down inside, that yearned for the more impractical frivolities that make life so exciting. But the externally driven person that I was refused to admit this, and instead slogged away on the path to the legal bar. Now, I am pursuing Sociology. Who knows where exactly I’ll end up on life’s turbulent path, but I plan on enjoying myself.

Creating a life full of balance, to me, means working hard when I need to, putting my best effort into projects that matter to me. It also means kicking back in the sunshine and idling over a novel. Most importantly, it is important for me to recognize that sometimes doing the right thing feels incredily wrong, like the very first time in recovery that I brought the sugary-sweetness of a cupcake to my lips. In the end, I know what is right for me. Eyes on the sprinkles, my friends.

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One Response to Life is like a cupcake.

  1. squigglefloey says:

    Adorable cupcake…adorable post.
    Keep recognizing those cues lovely 🙂


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