Quirky little items, like a pink flowery headband or a flowy sundress, are life’s little joys. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life. To be sure, there are plenty of things to be taken seriously in our lives. Every day, we make hundreds of decisions ranging from petty to monumental. I, for one, tend to think that every decision is of the monumental variety. As such, it is important for me to sometimes bring myself back to earth and explore life’s little quirky things. Maybe this is best done over a steamy cup of coffee in the back garden?

I used to avoid things that set me apart from the crowd. A funky little skirt might look fun an unique on the mannequin, but come purchase time I’d shy away from the obscure, chosing instead something solid coloured and mainstream. As I’ve begun to accept myself for who I am, I’m beginning to realize that sometimes my tastes differ from the norm. I delight in details, instead of trying to find something brings out the sheep in me. I’m starting to see my quirks as a good thing- as something that makes me interesting. I’m not totally convinced as yet, but it can’t hurt to think positively and to dream of a day when I’m free from the chains of convention.

There was a time when I would never have bought green boots. As silly as it sounds, something that made me stand out in any way would have been a big no-no in my books. Necklaces? Forget about it. Hair styled in any other way than down and straight or in a pony tail? Not a chance. I still struggle with the need to blend in sometimes. I’ll find myself thinking about the implications of an outfit before leaving the house. What I’ve realized, though, is that wearing something that doesn’t quite fit the norm is not going to make other people judge or even necessarily notice me. And even if someone doesn’t agree with my idea of stylish, so what? So what if someone thinks my sweater is ugly? You’d be surprised at the amount of time I’ve wasted trying to hide my quirks.

Freckles. A loud laugh. Funny little sayings. A love of Scrabble. An enjoyment of historical fiction. Out-of-context speeches. Quoting Austin Powers. An appreciation for a man who does yoga. An ecclectic taste for music and fashion- these are just a few of my many quirks. And I refuse to hide them anymore. What are yours?

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