The apology.

She woke in the morning, to take on the day,
She opened her eyes, took a deep breath and sighed.
She felt the air around her, heavy like a storm beyond the quay,
She waited for the joy to come, lips turned up in a smile she tried.

He went to bed in the dead of the night,
He felt his heart pounding, he knew it was too late.
He tiptoed to the wall and slowly dimmed the light,
He could tell without a doubt that he had missed the date.

She went about the motions,
She tried to distract her mind.
She thought that he would cross oceans,
She found out he was not that kind.

He couldn’t sleep a wink,
He stewed over his big mistake.
He did not know quite what to think,
He wondered about which steps to take.

She refused to call his house, his phone,
She pried her hands off of the receiver.
She knew this no advice columnist would condone,
She wouldn’t let her emotions control her.

He dialed the numbers, oh so slow,
He waited for the answer.
He wiped his sweaty palms, not for show,
He was in love with this tiny dancer.

She harkened to the ringing sound,
She dashed into the room.
She trembled as she crossed the ground,
She waited three rings for her groom.

He heard her voice at the end of the line,
She knew it was he, calling.
He waited for a forgiving sign,
She couldn’t help her stalling.

Forgiveness is a funny thing,
So tempting to just offer.
For when you hear that enchanting ring,
Some people think to proffer.

The apology.

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