I wish life were a musical

There’s nothing like a muscial. Seriously, what better way to say something than to sing it? In a musical, even the sad stories are magical- a good song turns tears into music notes, cascading down a page. When everybody knows the dance, how could you feel alone?

I’ve loved musicals for as long as I can remember. Something about the seamless transition between scenes fueled by synthesizers and stage hands just appeals to me. I used to imagine that my life was a musical, and I kept hoping that one day the back up dancers would bust out of the grocery store aisles and shoo-bop along behind me. Sadly, I’m still waiting. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t had my fair share of stop-drop-and-dance moments. Really the best moments in life have been those that included spontaneous dance interludes. A few sidelong looks and probable questions about my sanity mean nothing when you’re just feelin’ a song.

Critics of musicals point to their absurdity, saying that its improbable that everyone would know what you’re feeling and how you’d like to express it in tight harmonies and pirouettes. I say, why not? Perhaps the back up dancers and chorus are just particularly astute, picking up on subtle body-language cues. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a giant teleprompter in the sky, allowing for lyrics to play on repeat and inform the general public of the goings-on in your head. As creepy as that may sound, it would be kind of awesome, too.

I’ve been a member of the cast of several musicals, my favorite being Little Shop of Horrors. Who wouldn’t want to stand on a milk crate in front of 1000s wearing a sequined purple dress and belt out a song about living on Skid Row? Yes, I’ve indulged my inner diva with musical productions. I can say with all honesty that even though I am fairly shy, there’s nothing quite like the rush of being on stage. I’m not the best actor, and have always favoured the singing and dancing aspects of musical productions. But that’s the beauty of musicals- people are willing to forgive a little bit of blasĂ© in the acting department if you throw your heart and soul into a rousing version of “Born to Hand Jive” as ChaCha in Grease or “Skid Row” in Little Shop.

Indeed, I wish life could be a musical. Maybe I should just bust out in song more often, and see if anyone joins me. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only one who would appreciate a little more random singing in life!

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