Love is a Place

“Where do you live? / Love is a place / Where are you from? / She says, ask yourself ask anyone / What’s holding up her face / Nothing but blue skies / Passage ways the mind’s eye / Contemplates” – Metric

I have been caged for a long time, stuck in a place called EDville. Stuck in my own little world, not emerging for any purpose but that which befitting ED’s agenda. This empty, dark place has been my world for quite some time, with lush green fields of recovery resting just outside my cage’s bars. This place is gloomy, these eyes are empty. Just outside this place is another, a much more beautiful, more promising world. But another place is difficult to reach when there are obstacles in your way. Barbed wire hanging over the top of the bars, keeping me inside. It doesn’t stop me from knowing that there is a better place, but it stops me from reaching for it. It keeps me here.

Today, I’ve been offered a catalyst to bend those bars. Not a gate, but some extra strength. Some reinforcement, some encouragement to reach the new place. So I’m taking a leap. I’m not expecting perfection any more. ED is a place. Love is a place. I’m stepping out of one place and into another. I’m ready.

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2 Responses to Love is a Place

  1. Jennifer Cantlon says:

    You’re ready and I’m proud of you! xo

  2. Good for you! There’s a place out there that is free, with green grass and sunshine and bright blue skies. Keep heading that way–you’ll get there!

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