Life is full of distractions. When I’m getting my Om on these days, my little pup likes to join the fun. She finds asanas highly entertaining. Cute, indeed, but also a little distracting in the moments when I’m most in need of clarity- moments when my periwinkle yoga mat serves as my therapy. Some days I can deal perfectly well with distractions such as these. Other days, like yesterday, not so much.

I find it interesting how something as simple as a state of mind can dictate how I deal with an entire day’s little moments. When, like yesterday, I wake up with “Ed head”, even the smallest irritations and distractions can seem astronomical. A whining puppy or a dropped dish can provoke a waterfall of tears. I might cry over spilled light vanilla soy milk, if you will. Another day, I might laugh at Hope’s antics, be endeared to the fact that she is my shadow as I go through my day.

What I find most difficult on days when I’m stuck in the headache of a bad or sad mood is the sheer stick-to-itiveness of the downtrodden feelings. Why is it that happiness seems much more fleeting than sadness? Blame it on the weather or the lack of seratonin, but a basement-floor mood follows me even more closely than the puppy.

Distractions can be positive, of course. A funny quip that breaks me from a deep concentration could be just the mood boost I need on a bad day. But more often than not, I’m just unwilling to walk on the sunny side of the street and see distractions in a positive light on a bad day. Like Winnie the Pooh, I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over the honey tree.

Life’s little distractions happen. As I attempt to cultivate patience, I hope to develop better coping mechanisms for the more annoying disturbances. That is, if Hope leaves me alone long enough for me to make cultivating patience an intention in my yoga practice…

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