For years, the emergence of the holiday drinks at coffee shops has marked, for me, the changing of the seasons. It may seem trivial or foolish to mark significant passing of time with something like a flavoured coffee beverage, but pumpkin spice lattes smell and taste like a crisp fall day, bringing me memories of crunching through a pile of leaves and watching the trees turn gorgeous colours. Peppermint mocha evokes the image of a snowman outside my window, Rudolph on the television (and as my computer background, traditionally) and a Christmas tree twinkling at my side. I’ve spent many a season looking forward to this seemingly silly indulgence, a seasonal latte with my name on it.

This year, I haven’t even been able to sip on a Pumpkin Spice latte, though the fall pushes on and November looms near, sure to bring with it the changing of the baristas’ specialty. It is thoughts such as these that remind me how much my eating disorder has taken from me, and how much I need to keep on fighting to get it all back, and more. I’ve been waxing philosophic about ED a lot lately, and I think much of it has to do with the changing of the seasons to a time where the focus is, more than ever, on joy, peace and love. What better time than to push through adversity for the sake of my inner self and for the love of my family and friends than the holiday season?

This season, I will challenge myself to rediscover the simple pleasure of savouring my traditional marking of the changing seasons. And I hope that peppermint mocha is as good as I remember.

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One Response to Changing

  1. Jennifer Cantlon says:

    The times they are a changing…you can do this!

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