A Day in the Life of a Serial Multitasker

Stretching out on my little bed and wiping the sleep from my eyes (lets disregard the drool on the pillow- its really best not to think about it), I think about the upcoming day. My daily routine begins to unfold as I tear myself away from the warmth of the covers and descend to the shower. Lets be serious, no one can multitask in the first 15 minutes of their day, so only post-shower does the saga truly begin.

If I were to tell you that I read a book while blowdrying my hair, I’d probably be met with blank stares. The sheer mechanics of the situation are slightly mind-boggling, I will admit. However, I was blessed with highly dextrous toes, allowing me to perform skillfull feats with, well, my feet. See also: hair that can be blown-dry entirely in an upside-down position. Though it seems like a lot of effort to enjoy a Jodi Picoult novel for 10 extra minutes, being able to read while preparing my coiffe skirts around my boredom issues while also instilling in me a certain sense of pride in my multitasking prowess at an early hour.

The reading continues while preparing oatmeal, careful to avoid the boiling-over that threatens the zealous stovetop oat chef. Said breakfast is eaten while perusing the internet, hitting up my favorite sites while at once relishing the steamy banana-peanut butter mixture that is my first meal. Heaven forbid I get bored while digesting, so I continue to surf and listen to the CBC radio news, sometimes stopping to chat with my mom.

It should come as no surprise that while running on the treadmill I watch TV- I suspect even the most boredom-tolerant individual would need to inject some quality programming into a treadmill workout. The life of a multitasker is nothing if not predictable, so I sing in the car as I drive, juggling my Gatorade with the stick-shift or enjoy a post-workout granola bar. I’ve heard that trying to multitask while driving isn’t exactly safe, but somehow I manage to not tear my eyes away from the road while I multitask- I can usually manage to root through my purse (which is contains my entire collection of worldy possessions, I never leave the house unprepared) and find what I’m looking for without a glance. Finely-tuned sense of touch? Perhaps it comes from years of practice as a multitasker through and through.

Professors would probably gasp in horror at my paper-writing mutlitasking, and my habit of studying to the background of a TV series. Many a project has been completed with lots of background noise- which can actually serve as a study aide. I will always equate the naming of elements (from grade 11 chemistry) with Carmen Electra’s reality show “Till Death Do Us Part” cicra 2004. For the record, I did quite well in Chemistry thanks to good old Carmen and Dave.

Obviously, multitasking doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe its my boredom-prone nature that makes me rely on multitasking. If it doesn’t work for you, multitasking can be a horrible choice, and will probably result in the frustration of others when they ask you a question to which you have no response as you continue to stare blankly at the television or computer screen. I’ve been at the recieving end of multitasking-gone-wrong, and can therefore understand the argument of those who wholeheartedly oppose the practice. In the end, we all have to do what works for us. For me, that is the art of the multitask.

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