Five Reasons I Should Cheer Up

I’m having a bit of a down day. In fact, I’m having a bit of a down week. Or month. Whatever. I think I’ll take my blogging time today to be selfish and focus on things that should be cheering me up right now, while I sit and wallow in sadness. Because ultimately, it is more selfish for me to wallow in sadness than it is to claim a blog post to extol the virtues of a life I should be living to the fullest.

1. I have parents who love me and would do anything for me.


Too often I take for granted the love and support that mom and dad show me every day. Sure, my family is not perfect. Though my parents are no longer together, they do come together for one (well, two) things: my brother and I. I know that no matter what I choose to do with my life, no matter where I end up, they will be there for me, cheering me on.

2. I live in Canada.


I was fortunate enough to be born in a country that has so much to offer physically, politically, economically and culturally. Canada flies under the radar at times, often lumped into a single category with the United States, but in fact has many original aspects that make it a great place to live. I sometimes complain about aspects of my country, like long waitlists for health care and “boring” cities. At the end of the day, however, I know that eventually I will get healthcare, and free healthcare at that, and if I really look around, many of our cities and country-sides are beautiful and interesting.

3. I have youth on my side.


When I decided that I was not happy with the scholastic and life path I was following, I took a minute to consider the fact that I am only 20 years old. What I once saw as the end of the world (changing my path halfway there) is in fact a learning opportunity, one that I have the time to explore. Sometimes, evidently, it takes falling down to be able to fly.

4. I had a wonderful childhood that allowed me to travel, to learn, and to grow.


In grade six, my parents told me that we would be living in France for a year. I was a little shell-shocked and not so happy to leave my friends, but the year away was an incredible blessing and helped me to become who I am today. I learned a new language, visited many countries across Europe and bonded with my family. I made new friends and kept the old. Experiences such as these are not to be dismissed as life-enhancing moments, no matter how old you are when they happen. I went to Europe again in grade 11, and once experienced the wonder of travel anew with a group of friends. Through my times away, I realized the power of travel to not only take your breath away (the amazing sights have a tendency to do this) but to allow friendships to form or to strengthen.

5. Nothing is permanent, not even a state of mind.

annieness_2_2 Life is a little crazy. Its ups and downs sometimes create days like today, when I’m feeling not so great. But I need to keep in mind that today, this moment, will pass. Tomorrow is a new day. Fatalistic thinking leads me nowhere but down, and optimism breeds optimism. Sure, I might be sad today. I might be wrapped up in my disorder today and unable to feel the clarity of my more cheerful days. But here’s to hoping that something wonderful will some out of the contemplation that bad days can provoke. And like little orphan Annie says…. the sun’ll come up tomorrow!

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