Highway to…

Looking out at the expansiveness,

Nature through a pane of glass,

Checkered with street signs,

Littered with fallen leaves.

Wondering about the destination,

Sun beating down on my skin,

Wretched with UV rays,

Magnified by the worn pavement.

Watching the numbers turn from 4 to 5,

Cows out the left side,

Transfixed by the juxtaposition,

Of asphalt and cornfields.

Shifting thoughts inward,

No distractions besides apathy,

Focused on deeper thoughts,

Tied to a chair.

Singing along with the radio,

Melodies speaking my mind,

Piped through tinny speakers,

As we float along that never ending road.


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One Response to Highway to…

  1. Jennifer Cantlon says:

    Nice socks!

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