Texting annoys me. Not only am I pretty bad at conveying feelings through typed messages, but doing so on a miniature device frustrates me. I’m a fairly sarcastic person, and trying to relay a tone through 140 letters of finger-bending sentences is not always effective. Seriously, how often have you recieved a text and not been sure what exactly the sender was implying? Heck, texts have been known to cause friendship rifts and break up relationships because of a misplaced exclamation point.

Call me a technological cavewoman, but I didn’t use a cellphone at all until the ripe old age of 17. Even then, I was far from exceeding the text allowance on my plan- 100 texts in a month?! Try 5. The effort required to properly express myself in text message form was just too much for me… or I just wasn’t that popular. Take your pick.

The other annoying thing about texting is that far too often technological foibles interrupt their regular delivery. I’ve gotten angry about not having received a reply to a text and, when I checked my phone, discovered that the text hadn’t been sent in the first place. I was expecting a reply to something that had been lost in cyberspace. The control freak in me would much rather have voice-to-voice misunderstandings, rather than wait in trepidation for a delayed response to a confrontational issue.

This morning I was watching a tv show that highlighted the newest fad in texting- “flirtexting”. The very thought terrifies me, a single 20 year old who recently got out of a 3 year relationship. The last time I was dating, Blackberries were strictly for businessmen. Now I’m expected to flirt via text? Save me. So many societal interactions are based around the text that if someone doesn’t have a cellphone they are given the stink-eye. What’s next, job interview via text?

Archaic as it is, I’d much rather call someone than text them. Problematically, I’m the exception, not the rule, in my  generation. Then again, maybe I’m not and those who don’t text stay in the anti-texting closet for fear of high-tech mockery. I’ll never know unless they call me.

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