Its Easy, Hard as it Looks.

Its official. I am in love with the synth-poppy goodness that is Dragonette’s new album, “Fixin’ to Thrill”.

Yesterday, in a fit of “I’m so bored I could scream” mixed with a dash of loneliness, I made the executive decision to venture to the mall for a dose of retail therapy. Dressing rooms are not so good for confidence boosts, so I quickly eschewed the clothing stores and headed to HMV. Rarely do I buy CDs, as these days the convenience of Itunes is often hard to turn down. The ability to sample the songs before investing in them also appeals to my decision-making-impaired self. However, I was feeling ready to make a commitment to this CD because of my positive track record with Dragonette. The group’s CD “Galore” had been the soundtrack of my past year, and no matter how many times I listen to “Another Day” and “You Please Me” I still get chills down my spine. Hence, spending a mere $7.99 on a 12-track CD from one of my favorites was a no-brainer.

From the second I placed the CD in my car’s player, I was in love. Ironically, my least favorite song of the disc is the title track, “Fixin’ to Thrill”. The driving metallic intro is a bit much for me, as I tend to prefer a somewhat less cacaphonous melody. I’m willing to forgive the title track’s lack of appeal because of the genius of songs like “Liar”, “Easy” and “Pick up the Phone”.

“Liar” is infectious from the beginning. Building in effects with each line, the driving synth-pop beat is impossible to ignore. A standout track in my opinion, “Liar” should quickly be a staple on any electronica lover’s playlist. Martina Sorbara’s unique voice brings a unique flavour to the entire CD, in keeping with Dragonette’s signature sound. “Easy” and “Pick Up the Phone” are reminiscent of the group’s previous album, and I’m entirely ok with that. Why mess with a good thing?

A slightly 80’s glitter-pop tinged record, “Fixin’ to Thrill” has been on repeat for the past 24 hours and I’m far from sick of it. Critics might point to the somewhat similar sound of the tracks, but in my opinion each one offers something unique, whether it be lyrics that read like the open pages of the 20-something’s diary or a fascinating mix of intertwining melodies. Music that has the kind of multi-layered complexity of Dragonette’s newest effort is hard to come by in the world of cookie-cutter top 40 singles. For sure, the album caters to tried and true fans of electronic-pop. Building on the success of “Galore”, Dragonette has knocked this one out of the park, and I don’t think fans will be disappointed in the slightest.

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